20 yo dating 17 yo Can a 17 year old date a 20 year old?

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All times are GMT Incidently, it matches my guess: I have to say 16 because thats how old my first girlfriend was when I was It's no secret that girls mature faster than boys.

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You would be wise to make sure her parents know about you. He is scared that his daughter will meet a guy that was just like him, Three years between a boy and a girl makes you about 20 yo dating 17 yo emotionally.

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It is free and quick. If you are going to date this guy you have to see what kind of guy he is.

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It is consensual, don't people have more important things to do than talking about their people's love life? Most 17 year old girls are about as mature as a 20 year old boy. Leak shows uni suffering drop in applications.

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I'm twenty five and I think that eighteen is pushing it, but that it's not so weird a thing for someone of that age difference to go out as it would be for say, someone thats twenty four and sixteen. I know that because i have the same fear.

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I'd say for them it's their decision. None of them had a problem with me and her being together.

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She is now 17 years and 4 months. I'm not out trying to date younger girls. There's this girl I work with, have for about 2 months, who I think is pretty awesome.

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But you need to ask yourself Not that I have ever got to excercise that but that is the usual practise.