700r4 hook up Can i run 700r4 without lockup?

700r4 hook up

This works well on the early S Blazer, because when they get old it will rattle when the torque converter locks up. I am not a tranny expert by any means, but I ran a non lockup stall converter on my r4 for about 4 years, although i only put a few thousand miles on it, i never had a problem and my tranny is fine. This is critically important. The following drawing shows the geometry for the cable connection to the carb.

Failure to preserve the correct geometric relationship in custom installations will inevitably lead to early transmission failure. Some mounting tabs from different sources are now available for different carbs if you don't feel like doing this yourself.

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I really like the transmission and like to read about it. Replacing the Clutch Assembly on Early Corvettes, Part 2 Step-by-step replacing of the clutch assembly and related parts on early Corvettes. Onand early transmissions the transmission will burn up if the torque converter doesn't lock-up.

Week To Wicked Camaro Day 2: Originally Posted by ls six. Kiss 4th hook up away haha The reason your trans blew is because you had twin turbo. A burr or sharp end on the TV link. A sharply bent or damaged TV cable hosing. Some like to buy and be done with it, some want to spend little and turn wrenches.

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Trust me your wallet and trans will love you for it. Adjustment procedure self-adjusting cable 1. Now is it hard to believe that someone who makes a living selling transmission parts may just lean toward telling you you NEED these parts?

And yes your trans shop had no idea what they were talking about, in eight miles a converter in perfect condition may not lockup at all. A lot of problems with this transmission after installation are due to improper TV cable hookup and adjustment.

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Some people on this thread seem to lack real knowledge about how a trans works, yes without lockup theres a chance the trans may run slightly hotter on highway cruises. I use a R4 in my truck and have accumulated the following information that might help you. Bymost issues were fixed, and—particularly on units from high-performance cars like the IROC Z, Trans Am, or Corvette—the R4 now makes a reasonably strong performance trans in stock form when in good condition.

An incorrectly adjusted TV cable.

With the factory wiring in the trans, it is easy to hook up in a toggle switch to enable lock up when running without an ecm. Using a file, we removed the marked material on the carburetor linkage and any burrs caused by filing or drilling so the stack would fit snugly together. Week To Wicked Day 2: The following wiring diagrams do not necessarily represent the correct wiring diagram for a "stock" R4 as these can vary. Say later to you ol junk yard. Don't think of it as "just a kick-down cable" - on the nonvacuum-modulated ThR4 and ThR the TV cable controls line pressure, shift points, shift feel, part-throttle downshifts, and detent downshifts!

These guys know a little about transmissions. I'll turn it off for around town and racing.

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I just put a wet rag next to the carb body and welded in a couple short bursts. It made it home and wouldn't move another foot after I stopped. Return to Sumner's Home Page.

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I haven't yet found a way to change over to the old gear drive.