Lavatory repairs, repairs toilets

Renovation restroom and lavatory is considered the most complex kind of maintenance. In the square, often exceeding 4-5 area to hold a range of activities: laying wash tiles on the walls and wood floor, the floor heating device, various plumbing services from faucet setup earlier seting a washing machine, a tension item or ceiling. Each of us enjoys lavatory several minutes a day. And finally awakening and preparing for sleep are just in the bathroom. For this reason, your restroom need be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional and safe to apply. Constant high moisture areas, slippery floors, uncomfortable and neergonomichnoe placing of inside and furniture – these are just about of the consequences of irresponsible and unprofessional repairs in the toilet. As for the bathroom, its significance may hardly be overstated. Although most apartment sanitary require are simple: the convenience and comfort of operation, ease of cleaning, hygiene, the apply of environmentally friendly materials. Overhaul toilets want be conducted competently, effectively and quickly, which often can not afford an inexperienced person. Our company is quality and in time, to maintenance a lavatory and bathroom. Extensive experience allows us to carry out such a big level of work: * replacement and setup of any aqueduct and aqueduct accessories (faucets, bathtubs, whirlpool baths, showers, toilets, sinks, etc.), matching of walls, laying tiles in the restroom, installation of roofs, setting of wood doors, construction of mirrors, shelves, illuminators, the device displays under the bath, the connection of ablution machines, and others. We can also offer you the office of toilet renovations and toilet “turnkey”. “Turnkey” means that we will get all the works from the training apartment and demolition work to the finish stage – delivery of finished bathroom or washroom. The participation of the customer – is minimal. Restroom renovations and bathroom turnkey may involve such work: the matching of the walls, complete dismantling (if required), complete replacement of electric, complete replacement of water conduit, seting floor heating, complete waterproofing of walls and floors, wash tile works, mounting of suspended (or stretch ) ceiling, construction of water treatment systems, replacement of wood doors, and others.

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