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Decorating rooms involve leveling of floors, ceiling, replacement of wallpaper, doors, cosmetic tools treatment of the ceilings and walls, the flooring, and more. To date, finishing apartment is quite a complicated and crucial phase of the renovation work, the outcome of which depends not alone the deadline further growth activities, but also the conditions in which you will live in the future. Therefore, earlier proceeding to the planned works, it is best to think some the main points and the stages of this type of finish. During the finishing room is important to prevent a lack of time, money, or power, however in this case, repairs may take a long time, thus leaving a bad tasting in my heart and in the rooms. To avoid this, it is best to create an estimate of the estimated costs to include the purchase of development materials. Decorating Kitchen – Cook room – a place where there is regular exposure to aggressive media such however h2o, steam, soot. And to beautify this space to present their, special requirements, because it is a very particular rooms, which need not alone be lovely, it need be functional. In the kitchen you should to conveniently and operate many instruments. In addition, part of the cook room is also a dining room, where guests gather – unless of course allows the floor area, and thus the aesthetic position of the issue, too, should not be forgotten. So we come to the fact that the decorate kitchen – a task to say the least, difficult. Decorating the bathroom – Resolve so you will look finish the bathroom, not however easy however it might seem at first glance. First of all, because of the constantly high moisture in the apartment, which makes very thoughtfully relate to the characteristics of the materials that will be used during the work. Finishing materials for bathroom need meet certain request. They want be water-resistant, not prone processes of decay, environmentally friendly, easy to care for. Classical interior, well-accepted by people of all ages and never goes out of fashion – ceramic tiles. Decorating a bathroom. When repairs the lavatory, as good how in the bathroom, It is possible to use a classic interior – ceramic wall tiles. Renovation in the rooms lavatory can be roughly divided into two unequal parts: – Dismantling of the available fittings, pipes and old finish works of substances – comprehensive finishing plant and construction of new aqueduct. Ceilings decoration, to overhaul the ceiling, the following finishes: Finish ceiling wallpaper. Finish works of ceilings tiles. Finish plastic panels. Suspended ceilings. Ceiling. Stretch ceiling. Suspended plasterboard roofs. Decorating the walls of this – the most significant component of the decor. The correct selection of filling material will put the indispensable accents in the interior. Substances: Wall wall tiles timbered wall panels of plastic material wall dressing wall panel gypsum sheets with further finish works of. Wood floor beautify – Commonly used materials for the decking: shield parquet

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