Maintenance of the toilet in the Khrushchev

Khrushchev, by far the 60-m steely, housing millions and while it solved the housing problem. But so in what year and at what rate these cottages were built affected their capacity and unluckily not in a goodness way. Many still live in the Khrushchev, and are good aware of curved walls, ceiling, crumbling plaster, etc. Therefore, in the Khrushchev rehabilitation process is quite troublesome, but it is feasible. And if the living placement are spacious enough to Khrushchev, the bathroom in the Khrushchev is not very big in sizing, and everything else combined. Sets out a bathroom renovations in the Khrushchev request to be aware that this event will claim major repairs the entire washroom, including the replacement of pipes, wiring and generally align walls on a level. I agree this is an additional cost, but they are justified by 100%. This will create a toilet renovation in the Khrushchev European property and able to enjoy it for many years. The first step is always the first step for the owners of the apartment, this is – look! Then what you need to see your toilet. Start by selecting a wall tile, and then the furniture and sanitary ware. To think of approximately however you demand to arrange everything. The little sizing of the placement suggest lighter colors of floor tiles and enough lighting. This will create the placement visually larger and more spacious. The second phase of the master call Stage dismantling. To maintenance the bathroom in the Khrushchev was quality and durable be sure to prepare all the bases. Walls need be cleaned of old decking, paint and whitewash. If required, the level of matching and enhanced. Replacing pipes and wiring. Undesirable elements, such as water pipes, sewerage, etc. Is close boxes of plasterboard development, access hatches, always leave the inventory, or removable parts boxes. Step Four laying tile. Khrushchev known little big roofs, however it is better to perform tile laying vertically, and highlight the bottom of the darker wash tiles. This visually increase the roof height. But this is only a recommendation. In fact, you are not limited in imagination and it will repair the restroom in the Khrushchev unique. Laying wall tile is on the level, all the external wash tile corners protected space, the seams rubbing. At this stage the lavatory looks are transformed. Stage Five makes installation of ceilings. This can be made of plastic ceilings panels or suspended ceiling. In any case, the ceiling want be waterproof. Mounted light fittings, electrical outlets, a fan and access hatches to the pipes. Step Six Installing aqueduct fittings and furniture. Installed aqueduct, faucets, you are connecting the machine. Bath or shower bath must be installed on a level and reliability sealed. Then mounted shelves, mirrors, hangers and other fine little thing to create comfort in the restroom. At this stage, renovating a restroom in the Khrushchev is complete. Although it remains esche one stage! Enjoy the seventh stage of the effect and let others envy you!

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