Option of materials for laying tile

Laying tiles in a complex process and requires a different approach to the selection of various mixes. Here we consider the basic types, available, property, and reliability is checked up by personal experience. 1. Impregnating primer. “Primer” compulsory process, it will consolidate all surfaces earlier laying wash tiles. We need the ground impregnating deep penetration. If the surfaces are lime-based or they had a whitewash, it’s best not to skimp on the ground and take Cerezyme ST 17, she will ensure that when laying wash tile adhesive grip to the surface to be reliable. When the surface is solid (concrete, cement plaster or fill), It is possible to apply the primer Bolars. But do not buy into deals, which offers primer 10l. 100rubley for – this is an obvious fake, and the desired effect, it will not. 2. Adhesives. When selecting an adhesive for laying wash tiles be sure to read the instructions for its use. Remember, laying wash tile in the toilet should keep glue specification “is suitable for use in uninterrupted and intermittent exposure to h2o,” here is excellent-proven Cerezyme CENTIMETER 11, Bergauf KERAMIK PRO. These adhesives are perfect and when laying on a “warm wood floor”. Do not skimp when buying glue, in fact it will keep your floor tiles on walls and floors. And from what the adhesive capacity depends on the quality of life and laying tile. 3. Grout Floor tile Grout get to be waterproof and get antifungal activity. Match the width of the laid floor tiles and joints however right however glue, fit the put of application. Home most often used grout brands Cerezyme CE 33 or Atlas. These trowels enjoy a huge range of colors, which will do your floor tile unique. This is only a basic material for laying tiles.

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