Overhaul of the bathroom – the inconvenience, however payment for future harmony and beauty

Repairs bathroom – temporary inconvenience, so payment for future harmony and beauty to the toilet. Renovation bathroom must be executed in accordance with the latest technology of rehabilitation work. We use the best substances, reaching guarantees high grade and performance of the toilet. The materials used in repairs work, keep a major impact on the performance of the restroom. Thus, the use of poorly compatible materials, and materials of questionable grade, will take approximately time to undesirable consequences, such however the weakening of the floor tiles on the wall and on the floor, mold, followed by separation of odors. Even with the use of property substances, strict adherence to compatibility. And with all this, there are still, and technologies that should be strictly followed. # By simply renovating a bathroom made: Change bath, replacing the lavatory, replacing faucets # Laying wall tiles on the bathroom wall # Laying tiles on the bathroom wood floor construction screen under the bathroom and boxes laying tiles on the screen and the box construction of suspended roofs in the bathroom costs simple repairs bathroom 55 000 p. – 60 000 p.

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