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There also seems to be a generalization that someone who is aggressive will also likely be some sorta alpha bitch. My friend who I have been going out with every so often who I'll now refer to as A was the one who planned the night and told me to come I bumped into a close common friend between H and I at the bar I was at.

My friend came and picked me up. It's more of a rambling thought day as I try to distract myself from checking on H. In the banker dating site of my work inbox, while I was flipping between files.

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It's actually quite simple. If he is making you feel like a burden, something is wrong. Are you as impressed as I am?

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Girl, female bankers don't have time to be calm, soothing, and affectionate when they're rolling into bed at 3am cranky as fuck and rolling back out at 7am, lol. I really think that seeing him will only upset me. I now know why I held on so long.

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And you can get a Bentley w her bonus. So you go through a competitive, cut-throat working experience every day just to end up being a pathetic loser? I guess that might be to 'hipsterish' for me.


I know plenty of female bankers or girls in finance have amazing personality and also are sweet and supportive partners. I'd want someone I could have similar conversations with and understand my career, but he doesn't need to be in the same field. Banking breeds bad wives, and probably low sex drive as well given too little sleep. I'm a lesbian in finance whose gf is a big law associate; two busy jobs keep us from jarring at the other person every two days for not spending enough time together because I cannot ask her to pay all attention to me when she's in no position to do that either.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm really done banker dating site being associated with him.

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Sometimes the person you least expect to like, you'll end up dating! And if not a banker, what about consultants?

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Know where to look There are lots of places where one can come across single investment bankers. I'm just glad this didn't turn into the thread a year or so ago where virgins were arguing about the most prestigious role for a spouse Drop me a note with any errors you see!

It was constant surprises and little things and big things and non-things and just I was expecting the emotional blackmail to resurface, and any opportunity to pull me back in to be seized.

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Not that hard honestly. This depends on the people around you.

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But I'm trying to let that anger and frustration go, because he is part of my past and it doesn't really matter anymore. Forum Topics New Popular Comments.

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