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Big time rush speed dating

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bitters, Ralph Cole, Jr. James and Logan volunteer at a dog shelter and ends up adopting eight dogs. TV by the Numbers. I Know You Know, Boyfriend. Meanwhile, in a massive heat wave, Katie sets up a snow-cone stand at the pool, at which Bitters tries to force her give him a part of the profits or shut the stand down. The boys get a dose of reality when told that they have to attend school for at least four hours every day while living in Los Angeles.

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Knight gathers Dak's fans and tries to barricade the door to Dak's recording room. Gustavo believes that the boys are bad luck, and tells them to stay big time rush speed dating from Jordin Sparks while she stays at the Palm Woods and records at Rocque Records. Meanwhile, Katie and Mrs. Jo is offered a role in a film that is shooting in New Zealand for the next three years. Meanwhile, James and Latino pop star, Selana enter a three-day whirlwind relationship, while Logan and Kelly join forces to separate Carlos from his beloved hockey helmet after Gustavo demands that he not wear it anymore.

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Archived from the original on James tries to help Katie get closer to her new crush, Kyle, but acts like an overprotective brother instead. Kendall and Jo decided to help Carlos find a date for the double date to see the new movie "Kiss and Tell". Heather gives Carlos a note that says that she likes James, and Carlos passes the note on to James.

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Ad blocker interference detected! The boys dislike Griffin's new line of Big Time Rush merchandise and attempt to sabotage his sales plan, but they wind up making matters worse. Jo moves into the Palm Woods, and the boys fight over her attention. Retrieved September 27, Retrieved September 25, Fabio Lanzoni as himself. A "Swagger" app that Logan downloads to his phone increases his swagger, but decreases James' so much that James big time rush speed dating "dies" from low swagger counts.

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In a Ghostbusters parody at the Palm Woods, Katie helps Buddha Bob rid the Palmwoods of a persistent clog that once shut down the building for a year, and appears ready to do so again. Griffin gives them three months to produce a demo CD. Katie admits that being a mom is hard work, and Mrs.

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Gustavo tires of paying for things the boys break. Lisa Rinna as Mrs. The new British boy bands "invade" the music business, and Big Time Rush are afraid they are going to end their career.

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Filming for this season began on April 3, Kendall Schmidt Carlos Pena Jr. James and Logan are voted Prom King and Queen: Cedric Yarbrough as Chief Lieutenant Officer.

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The boys return from their six-week tour triumphant and tired, and must catch up on the schoolwork they missed, to maintain their grade averages and attend Rocktoberfest. The prank war ends with Kendall and Katie as champions. Logan is jealous that Camille is going with someone else to the prom, so he tries to make sure that James and his date will be Prom King and Queen.

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Kendall has dinner with Lucy and her parents who believe she is a classical musician.