Can i hook up two subwoofers to receiver Dual Subwoofers: How to Hook Up Multiple Subs

Can i hook up two subwoofers to receiver

Both cables from splitter dual side going to subwoofer lfe in on each sub. In other words if your front wall is 20 ft wide, place each sub about 5 ft from each side wall close to the front wall. Following the guidelines set forth in this article will help you properly set up a multi-subwoofer home theater system. Most subwoofers that have two individual Left and Right inputs have one labeled mono or LFE and it is usually the left one.

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The driving rhythms of deep powerful bass in rock and pop music as well as the timpani, bass drum and double basses of an orchestra complete the bottom few octaves of humans' hearing range. More advanced installers would benefit from using our subwoofer placement guidelines, to get more specific on choosing the appropriate locations for the subwoofers.

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Take the average distance between each subwoofer and the main listening position and enter that distance into your processor using the following formula:. The Sony volume control would set the level of the four speakers connected to it relative to the Onkyo speakers and then the Onkyo would control the overall volume. How to Connect Multiple Subwoofers Before reading on, we recommend checking out our recently added YouTube Video discussion on how to connect multiple subwoofers to your AV receiver.

I don't think an SPL meter will be terribly helpful for what you are trying to do. Use 1 rca to go from receiver to my subs located across the room and then can i hook up two subwoofers to receiver the signal and use two short chords going to each sub?

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Is there a way to do this? Now, there are some home theater processors and receivers that have more Subwoofer Out on them. BB code is On. I have two receivers, an Onkyo HTS which is conencted to 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

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How to Connect Multi-Sub. Floyd Toole indicates that 4 subs each corner loaded provides less frequency response variation and more overall output than placing each sub at opposing midwall locations.

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It is highly recommended that should you decide to use such a system to not follow the end results as a definitive guide but more as a starting point for you to go in and customize to better suit the needs of your particular installation. Enter this information for each appropriate speaker in your processor menu that relates to speaker distances. By Gene DellaSala — July 01, Due to a security issue we will be resetting all users' passwords.

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Before reading on, we recommend checking out our recently added YouTube Video discussion on how to connect multiple subwoofers to your AV receiver. One option is that you can use an RCA splitting cable, where you will plug one end into the Sub Out on your receiver, and now you have two Outputs that you can run individually to the two subwoofers.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Using our technique of crawling for bass is a good way to find the proper locations to place your subs. You would be much better off with a calibration microphone and REW. Today, Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker discusses how to hook up dual or multiple subwoofers. While these configurations work extremely well and usually better than what I proposed in figures 1 and 2, they are often impractical in most rooms.