Can teaching assistant dating student Professor or TA Hook-ups & Relationships: Are They Ever a Good Idea?

Can teaching assistant dating student, not a student?

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This happens with the Cornell TA faculty all the time, and I don't think it's really reported. Also, for what's it worth, I'm female, the student is male. Margaret Keady Goldberg, of Bronxville, married her former English professor at Marymount College, but said she did not start dating her future husband until two years after she graduated. I've known of quite a few grad students dating former students, and I don't think it's seen in as much of a grey area as when full faculty do so.

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Whether that matters, or makes things creepy to you or your peers, is a matter of personal opinion. My point was that if the OP is nervous about people at his school finding out that he asked the question, he should probably be nervous about dating the student, and if not, then not.

Posted Mar 06 - Bryan of Manhattanville College said. My class was a tad lackadaisical at times so there were many opportunities to answer questions.

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If I ever felt that I couldn't mark them fairly, I would give them to another TA or to the professor. Suppose he thinks he did a good job in the class as you say, he's brightat least in part because of things you have control over grades, perhaps discussions during or after class.

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By the power of can teaching assistant dating student, I, while living, have conquered the universe. Do other TAs do this? What makes this kind of thing creepy is the power dynamic, even after you stop being their teacher specifically.

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Edited May 30, by Eigen. Find More Posts by NoAngel. To be honest, if it came out even if the relationship was to wait until the student left schoolit could ruin the teaching assistant's career.

So I created a throwaway anonymous Gmail account and emailed my question to the school's HR department inquiring both about official policy and what would unofficially be frowned upon.

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This former TA sez go for it! Stalk the TA on Facebook and then drop in during their office hours.

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Well I have a TA coordinator that I answer to. But if, for instance, the student goes to graduate school in your subject, you are one of a can teaching assistant dating student of contacts he has at this point. And in my department, both male and female TAs were openly dating male and female undergrads in all sorts of complicated combinations. After the semester ended and grades had been submitted, she sent him a message over Facebook to go out.

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You may be considered unprofessional even if you keep everything strictly kosher. It's not so much about the fact that you can get in trouble following protocol, but rather that the "written rules" for protocol are not always in sync with the unwritten culture of the institution.

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Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Challenge makedamnsure in the Arcade! Diana Tamblyn, a marketing professional and cartoonist, points out that while good satire, such as Swift's A Modest Proposal makes it clear that the topic the eating of babies, in that case is clearly absurd, the issue of sexual harassment, which is what this article seems to be endorsing, is something that is a reality for many people. He was super hot. Two years ago it was just straight 'how to have sex with your TA' as one of the 50 or things to do before you leave Western.

On the other hand, if he were to ask you out once the class is over, I'd say go for it!