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Cancer dating traits, strengths and weaknesses of cancer

Let your hands roam all over his body, brush gently along his cheeks, nibble, nip and lightly kiss him all over his face.

Cancer Love and Sex

Cancer symbol - images and interpretations of the Cancer symbol and ruler. Deep down Cancer craves a deep emotional connection with a lover that they can create a comforting love nest with together.

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Cancer horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Cancer horoscopes. Friends - When it comes to friendships, Cancer representatives will gladly connect with new social contacts, but are extremely sensitive of people not approved by their closest surrounding.

He will hardly ever expect that, but must dream of some distant destinations.

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These can lead to a determined effort to modify our personality and behavior. There is little they will not do for you if they love you. They easily earn money and aren't used to cancer dating traits it all in one day.

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Other erotic scenarios include moonlight, dreamy landscapes and the soft gurgling of streams nearby. They tend to show their emotions on their faces and will cry during times of great emotion, whether it is because they are happy, sad, fearful, excited, surprised … Their feelings get hurt easily.


If you are not looking for a life partner, it is best to avoid playing around with your Cancer lover. Compliment them, nurture them with your love and affection … let them know how valued, loved and important they are.

But while they are sweet and caring on the whole, at times they can also come off as clinging and possessive, especially if you are the kind who lays great store by personal space and independence. Although he can be moody, pessimistic and clingy, he is a creative and generous partner in search for someone to share a life with.

Best Cancer traits and characteristics

Terms and conditions Privacy policy About Contact. She is not the right choice for someone in search for a one-night stand, and needs more from her partner than just casual encounters. A typical Cancer lie usually involves a secret savings account. Still, if Gemini listens and Cancer gives their partner enough air, this is a wonderful, childish bond, full of excitement and life.

The Crab knows where they're going, but this is often in a wrong direction, at least until they learn their lessons and cancer dating traits relying solely on themselves. This is a dedicated sign, ready to make many unhealthy compromises only to keep their image of a family going, and could choose partners who are in a way selfish of abusive. How to turn on a Cancer The best way to turn on a Cancer is make your partner feel needed.