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Choose your own adventure dating

Tbh i already subscribe this year ago but i just have the chance to read it now. You can choose your very own biases in this game to make your very own life with EXO!

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I am here to introduce my very first game fanfiction: Omg I've died, uh, no, failed so many times XD. Of course, you can choose your own bias to be your lover! And now i regret it coz i didnt read it sooner: Tags Stories Popular Social.

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This story was once made on by GreasyBacon is now Jungyeols and later was deleted due to some problems. And I hope you would like it! It was such an amazing story-game.


Do subscribe, comment and also upvote since they don't cost any penny to me! Please Subscribe to read further chapters. Do not post anywhere else.

Jeez why baekhyunnie so sweet tho. No printing or redistribution allowed.

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An interactive story ft. Just left Sehun for Jongin I hope you can write the sequel huhu TT.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Characters: Comments You must be logged in to comment. This is actually so fun: You might see a lot of fanfiction with the same title but this is purely my work.