Dating a retarded woman Do you know any normal/mentally retarded couples?

Dating a retarded woman

Its a very grey area and it really depends on the individual conditions of the girl in question.

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You might even be right to be concerned that your sister-in-law has some issues to work through. There are degrees of intellectual disabilty I remember it being very touching and supposedly based on a true story. And I mean in real life, not a Lifetime movie of the week. Look up Doug Forbis.

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To the dumbass who called that sweet lady a desperate fatty. If they're happy and not showing any unhealthy signs, I'd just wish them the best.

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George and Laura Bush. They're both Mormons and met at church. R31, I thought of that. How could he find her? I don't have an issue with it--none of us can help how we're born.

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This lady has her kid do all her chores. It is usually someone's responsibility--much like a parent's responsibility--to make sure that mentally retarded adult stays safe and makes good decisions; it is not yours in this case. I worked in a group home until recently yay layoffs!

It's weird because my gut reaction is always to not trust my gut reaction.


Many of the dating a retarded woman I work with are the same way, they don't enjoy having their limitations pointed out to them and many of them have endured a long, cruel history where they were teased for being different and have developed some extra sensitivity. However, unknown to the boy and dating site most members family, the daughter only has the mental and emotional capacity of a year-old, a result of suffering an accidental blow to the head as a child.

I find this horrifying for multiple reasons, but to get to the crux of my question, this seems exploitative and utterly inappropriate.

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These people have a condition where their spines are not fully formed. His daughters were at least as "slow" as he was. But, you should at least be honest, and let her know somehow that you disapprove, and why. The remaining dude turned to me and said "This is my sister, 'Jane', that dude you sent outside is her date We're all a little retarded, it's just a question of degree.

Page 3 of 4. Look at Jessica Simpson, she obviously needs adult supervision to make it through a day. If you ever run across it, watch it; it's a scream. His older brother lost all his teeth and gets drunk all day long now.

I dating a retarded woman the real question for him to ask himself before taking any action with her is: Anyway, your sister-in-law probably just enjoys the attention she is getting from this guy. Do they have difficulty consenting?

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There isn't any 'typical type of person' and there is no 'typical type of problem' such people have. The only way to provide knowing consent is to have the equivalent intelligence and emotional maturity of about an 18 year old, or someone in late adolescence.

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He is kind, caring, loving and compassionate.