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Dating alone yuri eng sub ep 1


Don't make a new post to identify songs, nor to identify specific episodes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Since Chanyeol is up next, maybe there's a chance EXO sub group will pick it up? Nobody wants to sub these shows. Available in over 52 countries. Dating Alone was funny and entertaining. Put questions in there. There simply are none, I'm afraid.

Idol Party Episode 5 7 months ago.

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The Golden Bell Challenge Episode 4 months ago. Free 19 Episode 19 one year ago. You can find the videos here. As I said in another thread, we watch Dating Alone with my Korean buds and with other friends as well every Saturday and it's a blast. Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Nov 08, I immediately regretted it right after finishing those 2 eps. There's a new subber for Abnormal Summit.

Best site there is for subtitles to older episodes of Infinite Challenge, and IC-related stuff. Already have an account? Plus they have lives of their own so I knew it was selfish for me to ask but I wanted others to enjoy the show as well. You have to write down each and every word, translate it, put it into whatever subbing dating alone yuri eng sub ep 1 there is, and sync everything together.

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Join us to discuss Korean Variety Shows! I hope for ypur understanding. It's available in North and South America. What should we call you?

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Your username is how other community members will see you. I can actually translate it from Chinese to English translation is a part of my day jobbut I don't know how to do subbing as in I don't know the software etc. Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Nov 05, Entertainment News Tonight Episode 43 7 hrs ago.

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Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Nov 04, Having a hard time picking a name? I wish someone would sub them especially since it the ladies' turn now.

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I could time, typeset, encode, QC, upload, etc.