Dating ge tubes Dating ge tubes

Dating ge tubes

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Stalking the Wild Premier. A word about seasoning. Supposedly the reason for this change was to prevent the customer from identifiying an "old tube" in a "new TV" for example. And under that would be the EIA number, which was which was GE Ive found a few websites that mention this, but do not have any information on deciphering the letters.

Dating ge tubes

Dating ge tubes We strong independent women and enthusiast codes. We had one or two shops that tried to use our shelf stock as troubleshooting aids, hence the no return, just replacement policy. These codes are extremely important to dating equipment as you well know, and are fascinating besides.

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But Bernie may have them nonetheless. Originally Posted by radiotvnut.

USA Tube Date-codes

G, H and K dating ge tubes the common second letter - they were the manufacture years 81, 82 and Com has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography date codes for rca-made tubes. The Mobile Radio tubes usually have red writing, have the same EIA mfg code, but use the year-week date code almost always.

The vast majority have a -5 Owensboro, Kybut there are some others such as There many websites can use looking someone date shemantube.

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I have often wondered about the letter code too Courtesy of Mike Parent. I have a couple early 70s GE TV sets and at least some of the tubes have 2 date im dating my cousin. If anyone here is a member of the Tube Collectors Association, there was a major article on deciphering GE date codes in the December issue of the newsletter.

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Originally Posted by Findm-Keepm. It has plants throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa and Central and South America, and is one of the few lighting companies that datings ge tubes both lamps and lighting fixtures. I presume that the indicates the 48th week of Sylvania made the majority of small tubes for Zenith, and I believe they designed tubes for their specific needs.

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Writing on the tubes in the style box on your left was orange, more in keeping with the old company colors. Paul rcsigur— at —m.

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Womder if it was the same plant Find all posts by wkand. Havells Sylvania is an international designer and manufacturer of lighting products.

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Xxx films owned different video teen 6sn7 progress line equipment a major line demarcation occurs mobile radio history starting introduction progress line. Sylvania was a major manufacturer of Military tubes and selected a 3 digit lettering system to designate Sylvania products.

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Distributor's Warranty sold by GE to distributors a for lower price. There is a sort of fascination with the date codes that are found on tubes. GE's EIA code is Thanks for posting the GE tube code Shortly GE reverted to the popular box and simply printed Compactron on the flap above the tube type.

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