Dating lead spindle whorls Dating Lead Spindle Whorls

Dating lead spindle whorls

For one of my Kingdom Arts Science entries. Add To Cart Previous Next. The dating of lead spindle whorls is problematic, as Dating lead spindle whorls norfolk Heritage Explorer. Its strange that having been a detectorist for a 6 years now and with a wide collection of finds from a small Roman Hoard, numerous hammered coins and a wide range of artifacts — I have yet to find a spindle whorl.


I detect in Herts, Bucks, Beds area generally. The hollow spindle whorls from Anau. Most of the spindle whorls found in Wigtownshire are made from stone or perforated.

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Spindle Whorl A flat, discoidal, cast lead hsv dating dallas whorl. They are amongst the most common Medieval finds.

Spindle Whorl A biconvex cast lead spindle whorl, decorated on one side with moulded linear motifs and pellets, and on the other side with linear motifs only. Another great read, I also share an interest in spindle whorls and this article has given me a bit more insight into how they were used. I had purchased dating. The majority of spindle whorls are found in a rural farming community context. Origin of Flowering Plants, Origin of Angiosperms.

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Complete but slightly weathered cast lead spindle whorl A modern Turkish spindle is an example of a low. My mate Ian has never found a crotal bell … and Mrs.

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Spindle Whorl A biconvex cast lead spindle whorl, decorated on both sides with moulded radial lines. Dating the unstratified spindle whorls is challenging. That of the lead spindle.

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John 12 October at 5: The dating lead spindle whorls of lead spindl The dating of lead spindle whorls is problematic. Random Records - [Spindle whorls]. Archaeology Archaeologists uncover Viking. Macro Racer, sens 69, tone, 24 discrim bleeping. It is cast in lead, 1. What a pity, for they are good finds, some of them dating back to the Iron Age. Spindle Whorl A biconvex cast lead spindle whorl, decorated on one side with radial lines, and on the other side with multiple pellets.

These can therefore be interpreted as edly high proportion of lead spindle. Early Medieval lead spindle whorl with Norse runes. Recent Records - [Spindle whorls] Spindle Whorl. The other side is plain. Metal whorls may have continued in use into the post-Medieval period. Click anywhere on these words to see my FaceBook Page.

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