Destiny needs more matchmaking MODERATORS

Destiny needs more matchmaking

There is one big problem, though: Who finally got a PS4?

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I destiny needs more matchmaking one of the most offensive things that COULD happen in this scenario is that me and three teammates fight hard to get to the boss. Make your own group, and accept people who are as low as you are.

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The game just doesn't accomodate for destinies needs more matchmaking. With other people you aren't as careful which could lead to many more wipes than solo also you go at your own pace not everyone else's, so if you want to maximize your score with rainbow medals you can.

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Also hate to be that guy but semantics, it's only been 2 years, we're at the start of year 3 now. Being a Bungie game, the shooting in Destiny is top-notch.

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Apparently, Bungie coded the game badly. Weekly content could be missed without worrying you would fall behind sure, maybe google Xur's items and log on for 5 minutes if anything is good, but no large time investment was needed. Heroic strikes it happens all the time, even on the boss fright.

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What should we call you? I would love matchmaking for everything.

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Destiny actually has amazing lore. Sad to say, but nobody who has already done the raid is gonna take a chance on a It is either 1 or the other: Having some kind of in game LFG system would be fine. And as well as text channels, let's have automatic local voice chat, like in Arma or Squad, so we can speak to nearby players. If someone who has never done the raid trys it with matchmaking they will get anyone, of any light level and skill level.

Raid matchmaking

Having a hard time picking a name? Would defeat this purpose. Any user who wishes to make a giveaway, contest with prizesor charity post must receive approval from moderators BEFORE making the post.

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Yes it makes casual players less likely to do said activities. Let's see the good guys and bad guys clash, with friendly NPCs out in the wild, and enemies coming to our doorstep.

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Apart from the raid. Please let us know why you're taking this action. However, if matchmaking was working for the nightfall RIGHT NOW - without the ability to opt out of it - then what would ultimately happen if my teammate decided he wanted to switch characters or go to the tower for some reason, or they just got a netcode error, or I just happened to only have one other person online to run the nightfall with, then we would inevitably get a random player. An in game LFG solution I suggested that was of course downvoted.

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