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I am interested in having a relationship with a lady, I'm not looking for a Barbie or model, I would like to fall in love again with some body, if You want to get to know me. Does he worship trees? Would I druid dating a druid? I just won't date one because I prefer to date Catholic.

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I didn't harshly judge this Druid library patron yesterday. For point in fact, modern wicca is based entirely on Tibetan mysticism, not because Tibet has anything fanstastic, but because in Tibet the teachings of of the ancient Greeks and Celts survived unchanged through until the early 20th century.

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Yesterday's incident left me wondering how a woman would react on a dating site if this man revealed that he's a Druid.

It's all totally part of the historical record. And honestly, that's their biggest reason for being angry at everyone. Working as a librarian, you meet all sorts of people.

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That would include Arthurian legend. It seems like Druids, Wiccans, Vodou practioners, and other "non-mainstream, non-Christian religions" ie: Not so very much removed from Pentacostal or fundamentalist Christians, whom don't really understand what they worship, but nevertheless do so fervently and are prepared to instruct others as to what a "true believer" entails.

Stonehenge predates the druids by a yrs Yesterday, a patron was checking out lots of books dealing with Druidism, Paganism, and ancient Celts.

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A modern Druid is just trying to get back in touch with their Celtic roots. Sometimes being educated can be too druid dating of a good thing. So doing, or saying or thinking is merely always part of a triad of intention, and intention is how the environment is altered by you, so to do magic you take one part and multiply by three for effect, one way or another.

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I can give examples because I did study among both Takamatsu Ryuha and Togakure Ryu for philosophical curiosity in those days those of us arrogant enough to think we're going to become a great writer or something study with exclusive schools it takes a history professor to know even exist.

But your average fan-boy or fan-girl into mystical bullshit without effect who insists I play along, would be disappointed, and soon.

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