Drupal 7 dating site Date single day

Drupal 7 dating site

Brown Alan registers himself with these characteristics: Bug report 7 open15 total.

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Someone posted this link, I haven't read myself but it might be helpful to you http: I think this guy wants to Anonymous not verified commented 13 August at This allows a 7 dating site administrator do a few things like add or remove reminders when some rules event occurs.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert. Im not sure what you mean? Jenna registers herself only with User and Password. Generally these would be calendar events, but any node type that has a CCK datetime can support reminders.

What about Drutalk module drupal. Which registered users can request reminders.

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Log in Create account. So, I thought maybe this is a good opportunity to bring the basic functionalities of a dating site in the front of Drupal community and see how they can be implemented to the more extensive details.

Anonymous Date Reminder is incompatible with Date Reminder. Drupal update from 7. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert. This is the beginning of a list of modules that extend Date to solve particular problems. Make sure you have cron running on your site. To set up Date Reminder: Hi, If you are interested in setting up entire community with content profile, friends, messaging, groups, picture and video galleries, etc This will be something I plan to add in the future.

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If your dating site needs things like privacy of content, then check out Content Access or other similar modules There is also the possibility to open a pop up window, but not necessarily the conversation can be carried out in the same browser window The chat can be configured by user to be private. And, you should hide the number of online users!

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.

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Michelle's site is a good starting reference for what modules to use and other guidance: They can't see others profile unless given the permission after they have been matched. Date iCal This project will contain code and features needed to either import or export dates using iCal feeds. Bug report 1 open27 total. All issues opentotal.

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Support Converting to Drupal. I only need people to sign up, answer questionaires and we do the matching.