E25 matchmaking e25 on sale for the last time? To buy or not to buy

E25 matchmaking

Also, I didn't put in the IS-6 fearless because there is no IS-6 fearlesses on my server and it's identical to the IS-6, just with different paint. Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers.

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By Kolni September 20, As with most tanks that are very fast, the E also has very little armor. Ergebnissen 1 - 48 von By kaneaaa Started 7 minutes ago.

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A highly skilled German TD crew helps a lot when playing it. Account Wn8 12X tanks exklusive tanks object ,e From the advent calender event page.

Exactly, you get maps like Himmels, Ruinberg, Kharkov, Pilsen etc so often and against T8s so good luck fighting heavies you can barely pen frontally.

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Normal match making I ignored Summary The E is a unique blend between light tank and tank matchmaking. E25 is OP but it's not low skill friendly. That's exactly what happened with the KV I saw however be out to hedge a younger t, in my wildest husband this would let then understood a anonymity. In World of Tanks, however, the E is significantly smaller, measuring only 4. Did I miss something? The E Tank Destroyer is a German premium tank, introduced in the 8.

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Strengths Amazingly high camouflage Incredibly accurate, very fast-aiming gun Very high damage per minute Very small, very fast vehicle Special matchmaking Good gun depression The E at first looks a lot like a light tank.

I have seen a lot of players saying the e25 is too good maybe even op and how WG will never put it on sale. Justin, on 24 July - Edited by ahredstealth, 13 November - Maybe matchmaking just below the Russian chart? Everybodys talkin about the e25 and the Kanonenjagdpanzer.

World of tanks e25 matchmaking

Sign In Email address: Thinking of putting them into an E I see what you're trying to argue, but there's no way that makes up for the disadvantage of seeing tier 9 fights. FavreDollarFootlong, on 03 August - The E at first looks a lot like a light tank.

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It's not OP just broken. Guide Series - How to Suck Less 2: Most premium tanks have lowered matchmaking tiers.

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The E25 is on sale for the first time while I have been playing. Actually not that hard. You can sit under an enemy tank's gun and casually DPM them to death without them being able to touch you but you need to know what tanks you can do this to.

IMHO really screwed up the matchmaking qualities of the game. Average Damage Caused per Battle

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