Elite daily what your zodiac sign says about your dating habits What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The Way You Fall In Love

Elite daily what your zodiac sign says about your dating habits

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Aries March 20 to April 19 Aries are fierce, exciting people willing to take a gamble in life, which makes them great partners for guys who want to have sex without condoms. If that doesn't spell love, we don't know what would.

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They see the glass half-full, and this attitude usually brings great things their way. They are natural humanitarians, always caring about those around you and the world in general.

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These people have one thing and one thing only on their minds: They strive to be the life of the party, and they won't mind leaving you behind in the corner if you're holding them back from that. These are amazing qualities that almost everyone desires in a partner.

Virgos like things to be exact. You think they can't find someone better than you? Love is everything to you. Aries believe that because they are the first zodiac sign, that automatically makes them the best.

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The best part about being in a partnership with this person is that they will accept your flaws without trying to change them. They're also passionate and dependable -- a Taurus man will buy his beloved girlfriend tampons and a Taurus woman will always take her birth control. When it comes to love, you are looking for a true partner.

Sagittarius November 22 to December 21 Sagittariuses are lovable and straightforward people, so they'll tell you if you have terrible morning breath.

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Aside from sitting in traffic, I'd say my boyfriend is just about the most patient man on this planet, and I'll always attest that's true to his zodiac sign. When you're in love, you give all of your attention and time.

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They also possess a strong sense of humor -- it seems you really can't go wrong dating a Virgo. Once you're in a committed relationship, you go with the flow.

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Is this a vast generalization? Over the years I've dug extremely deep into learning about my sign, and I can confidently say that my sign is percent me, almost so that it's a tad bit scary.

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Like a chocolate truffle, Virgos have a hard exterior but are super sweet on the inside. They can be totally hot-headed, which means you'll have a lot of make-up sex to look forward to. When you fall in love, it is with little inhibition.