Elove matchmaking office eLove Matchmaking goes Hollywood, opens matchmaking office in West Hollywood.

Elove matchmaking office

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Users who violate our posting rules matchmaking office have their comments blocked or deleted. After reading other reviews it seems I was treated the same in comparison.

Their service is a complete rip off!!

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I told her she was being rude and the manager that set me up with him was rude. Eventually he opted to work full-time on his book instead of pursuing a relationship.

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I hadn't heard from them for over a year despite me phoning several times and emailing. As it happened the contact herself, while a very nice lady, was outside the age range and outside the matchmaking office range I had set in my interview. In real life, finding the person you're supposed to live happily ever after with can be very difficult.

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Someone needs to stop this cancer! I know my time for phone calls with her is limited because I am quite busy.

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They said they don't do refunds. No excitement on his part, as I relayed to one of the employees.

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That is my only requirement. I will join in a lawsuit with anyone.

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I have met 13 men - all first dates - in 3 years! About 3 years ago I joined eLove.

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I would have better luck throwing a rock in a crowd and hitting someone on the head, as a match, than their matchmaking skills.

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I signed up with eLove about a year after my husband passed. I replied, "Why did you accept me into this service as I was honest of what salary I made?

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This is part of the resume taken off of LinkedIn website, of the employee that presented and used coercive influence: This post is contributed by a community member. I didn't hear anything from them for months at a time. I had no doubt I could guess why he was divorced!