Fairy tail dating quiz for guys FairyTail - Who will you be with? [For Boys]

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What is your deepest fear? More than one type of magic.

Who's your favorite Fairy Tail boy?

Which Voltron Paladan are you based on your problems: He clearly is outmatched, but you don't really know them. Jellal In who's shoes would you like to be in? So I got Lucy Which Wanna One member would fall for you? Fight the attackers the instant I see them. Can we just start? Good Looks, regardless of attitude. Your Stranger Things Life.

Gray What hair color do you like on your man? I don't have any preferences.

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Working on my novel. Lyon What do you look for in a guy, my dear Juvia? Which Positive Quality Are You? Have you thought of being in Fairy Tail and dating a guy from Fairy Tail? Tell your friends about it to try and get a lot of people to help. Which "Dere" stereotype are you? Strong, nice and mean, treats me ok, can act different when he is with me. FairyTail - Who will you be with? If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? What insane anime character loves you?

Any that are just nice to me.

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Not really, just curious. Future Life Girls Only! Click here to add a comment.

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Excitement, passion and a good sense of humour. This is a weird question Which BTS member's ideal girlfriend would you be? Yell at them and tell everyone that what they said was a lie.

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Don't try to hide! Erza likes cake huh? Only the strongest would satisfy me I don't even care Loke What is your favorite color?

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Support, kindness and someone to talk to.