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Your friend Sayume might have more than the usual adventure in store for your typical high school student with superpowers. Anna Decot lives in an unnamed urban area associated and famed for it's advancements in android technology, but bad memories plague her as she remembers the horrifying experiences the field brought her into.

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A millennium before Romeo and Juliet, another doomed love - that between the Breton Tristan and the Irish princess Iseult - passed into legend.

All is so calm, and so pure.

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This visual novel is a demo to what is aimed to be a full novel. Poor Count Bela Blasko has a few issues. Moving to the far away Shinrin City, everything is new.

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But one night, his life is changed forever when he encounters Tanya. Ever since Brian died, she became less cheerful and was often sad. The free online visual novel dating games features nine different endings that change based on your decisions throughout the game.

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A rash of recent suicides and the only clue are these mysterious death organs. You play as a guy who wakes up to find himself lost in an creeped out forest.

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Rei is a lusty manager at a small advertising firm in Tokyo. The story is narrated by the voice of a little girl who is mentally disturbed. What does she wants from Luke?

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These cities are controlled entirely by artificial intelligences, yet one human supervisor rests in an artificial sleep, watching over the AIs with his subconsicious mind. See if you can defeat zitat online dating evil Groozle armed only with a bag of sugary snacks and your cunningest cunning.

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Incredibly short, but with endings that aren't what they appear to be. Visual Novel Teacup Festival.

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Don't forget to take a break once in a while, or your health will suffer. It is a Visual Novel style game which, while, on occasion will follow the typical VN format of a linear storyline, will more often than not, lead off into entirely different tangents with each decision made.

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Mystery Visual Novel Girl pursues Boy.