Global elite matchmaking Ups! Die Seite gibt es wohl nicht mehr.

Global elite matchmaking

Besides global elite matchmaking a game in altpug can take ages and there is a risk your friends can't be on your team.

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It has always been elo. I've never played Faceit, besides ladders with some mates. I was Supreme before it and I am stil there after it.

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Having a hard global elite matchmaking picking a name? MM is hit or miss.

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Just another 'uhu i know something super secret but i wont tell you!! We fucking decoy tricked them on the first round. Ranked up to supreme just the other day.

I'm talking about cheating MM kids who buy hax for 10 bucks or whatever, I don't even care to cheat their asses off and then get some new ones as soon as they get banned since those are the main problem for people playing matchmaking.

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Finally, someone with the same opinion. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Today I decided to give it a shot and see if I could have the same fun that I had in summer Oh and being solo sucks dick as well especially now when you have a LOT of these noobs that have been boosted to Global Elite by cheaters and its painfully obvious that they really should be waaaay down the rank and end up getting maybe kills in the entire match.

Winning normal elo 10 lvl ppl with sick team like elo each for example, doesnt give you much points at all.

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Quick question, how do you get that dynamic crosshair. If you want me to improve, please, state it like I did in the vid. Won't change a thing, you were one of the weak links in that MM, and you're not very good.

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Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. But I'd definitely enjoy closet cheaters to this, I dont mind them at all.

When more talent hits alt pug you will see me around there. Submit a new text post. The banwaves was awesome.

Even if it takes more than 10 mins to get one going.

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This just means I didn't give my best. In which pro game does 1 drop 45kills without winning? You are a disgrace. Global Elite Matchmaking after the Vac Wave. For all those people calling me out, if I would get the footage of the pistol round out, would you see the fucking point of the online dating girl stopped responding better?

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S If that's what normal now, I don't wanna know So here I am asking for advice on how to put up with this non-sense. It is really frustrating to be honest.

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With ppl playing legitimately.