Hook up sprint airave Hands on with the Sprint Airave 2.5 wireless in home signal booster [updated]

Hook up sprint airave

Sprint Hotspot followup still not resolved October 26, Comments Off on Sprint Hotspot followup hook up sprint airave not resolved.

Re: Help with connecting Sprint Airave 2.5 Airvana to Cisco Valet

What phone, OS, etc? It may cure your issues. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the available LAN port on dating view latvia modem and the other end of the ethernet connection to the Airave WAN port.

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Plug the power supply connector into the back of the Airave. Will this also work with virgin mobile devices? This will allow a direct connection for both to your modem.

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My sister has horrible signal in her apartment. The antenna works best in an open area where it can easily pick up signals.

Use this if your Airave's internal antenna doesn't get a signal for GPS lock. The building I work in has terrible reception, for all carriers, except Verizon because they have an access point on the top of the building. Can anyone tell me or show me in screen shots how to set this all up? If someone wants to have a direct wired connection to the cable modem, how would this be configured?


I believe it will include unlimited data. I actually have one of these coming in a day or two. Message 3 of 3 9, Views. His articles are generally about HTC lines of products and all the neat things you can do with them.

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You also have to be careful with the setup, or it may cripple your upload speeds. My employer said they would consider buying something like this, and allowing it on the network, if it would help everyone get better cell service. Unplug all cables and power cords from all devices Airave, modem, router in any order.

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Yeah, I had no problems with the Airave and JB. I just got mine in the mail. It got so bad I had to disconnect my Airrave. Message 1 of 3 9, Views.

While that thing is supposed to be for GPS signal receive, it also appeared to act as a conduit for the regular signal. I was hoping for much more of a different. The hook up sprint airave also seems to have a tinnish background sound, but the quality is better than low signal quality. I just received a Sprint Airave 2.

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I will look into both links and post later today or tomorrow if it worked. For all of these free Airaves they are sending out, why not build additional towers instead?

Message 2 of 3 9, Views.