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Im dating someone twice my age, is there anything wrong with dating a man who is almost twice my age?

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Nobody knows what lies around the corner. Follow her on Twitter. How old you actually are doesn't necessarily have a lot to do with your lifestyle. He sometimes worries about his age given that we have started a young family but we both decided that it was worth him being an old Dad.

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My husbandis 17 years older than me. He has a good job and is established in his career. I think age is not really relevant - people can be 'old' at 20, or 'young' at 60!

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You have met him, you have fallen in love. As long as you are sure that even if you are lucky enough to be together for 20 years the "gap" won't bother you then you have nothing to worry about. They were utterly devoted speed dating philly each other, and had a long and happy marriage. And you were at 21 too? It's not as if you don't know him really well!

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And yes sadly she passed away before him, contrary to everyone's expectations. It's happened to a couple of people I know.

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I don't mean to be morbid. Already registered with Mumsnet? Another lesson in dating: She was kind of concerned at first because of the age difference but she likes you. I had my son when I was nearly 40 and I can assure you I was very active and involved! Age doesn't matter to me and we are very happy. There was zero jealousy on both sides, and I never saw him check out another woman -- due to him being satisfied, of course, but also him being well-seasoned in how to respect the opposite sex.

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The Secret Life of Marrieds is a weekly series of interviews with married couples about the things no one tells you about marriage. He took care of me during my first hangover; he brings me lunch while I do my homework in his bed — Aldo likes to be needed and boy, do I need. I love other people's children. Seraphim International - All Are Welcome! DH is 13 years older than me I'm 40 hes 53 we've been together nearly 22 years, however when I was 16 I went out with and eventually moved in with a man of 44 when my dad found out he threatened to kill him and he meant it we fell out for about 3 years first of many fall outs wasn't until they found out I was with my now DH that they started speaking again.

You have known this all along, so if you truly want him in your life, you need to stand up and im dating someone twice my age the world that he is the man who makes you glow and keeps you happy.

"Sometimes you get to have kids and sometimes you don't, and that's OK either way."

Remember when you told me your age and I demanded to see your driver's license because I didn't believe it? One of the reasons that attracted me to him was that he wasn't like younger guys who are so fickle. However its not my business so as long as they are happy.

Until I fell in love with a much older man, I had fairly traditional visions of my future: Simplest Details Weddings 1 2 3 4 5 3 Reviews. I still liked the guy. Yeah, I might outlive him and that's just the reality of the situation. The best decision you'll make poop dating story day.

You look back and you just feel stupid. I Went to a Sex Resort.