Im dating the ice princess wattpad 2 (Book 1) He's Dating the Ice Princess (UNPUBLISHED VERSION)

Im dating the ice princess wattpad 2

He is the most scariest of them all.

Ch. 3 - Pt. 5 - Info about the Kings

He is the most sociable and friendliest of them all. The President of his fanclub changes annually and they have the voting system. Fans are wondering what it would be like for him to fell in love so if he fell in love, they will support him. He confessed on his facebook that he likes someone by doing a status about it. Gumawa pa nga ako kasi hindi mo daw ma-viview kung di ka member nung site. Ito nga pala yung mga information na nakuha ko galing dun sa forum section ng website ng sinasabing 'underground' website ng school namin.

So si Gian pala ay King din? He got a record of being Class A and currently on the 2nd rank in academics. The only thing he can remember is the name "Ice" he heard back then when he was still a child.

His dating the ice princess [part1 & 2] (Complete)

Gosu korean word which means 'leader'First and Leader. Gian Sky Cantos [ the ex 6th King ]. Half Filipino and Half Korean.

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Nga pala, umaga ngayon. His deep and seducing voice is very notable about him. Until now, she was still unknown. Pure Filipino but is fluent in Korean. Na-caught attention ko yung thread na may name na "6th King?! The membership costs Tiningnan ko na rin yung ibang thread. His fans celebrate his birthday thru the "Muffin" day im dating the ice princess wattpad 2.

Fans are also researching for the girl. His birthday is called the most-awaited day of the school because it was celebrated on one of his mansions. He never speak Tagalog inside the university. He believes that if ever he will find that girl or have a glance on her, he will have a different feeling that will make him say, 'its her'.

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The fakers had used the names: His birthday is on September 11, He is always described as the scary but the cool guy. He can take a photo with you and you can talk and add him up on facebook.

He is from Class A and on the 1st rank in academics. He transferred school last year and now he transferred back again. His fans are all supportive for him.

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His fan club cost for membership. He got removed from the group after only a week because he accidentally trashed the very precious thing of Gosu, a 'band aid'.