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After my stepdad called my mom, she called me and gave me two options. We have been together since my senior year.

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In all truth, he was sitting on my desk, and I was on my bed. She came in and told me that she disowned me and allow me to finish up my education, but afterward I must move out and never call her mom ever again.

He is white and I am black. My stepdad tries to give my sister money to win her over.

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They would stalk my every move, and expects me to report to them. He told her that we were sleeping together. I had co-workers who took the test up to 7 times to pass. This blog is for couples like me and my husband and any other inerracial couples. I am not asking to pay for my apartment or anything.

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She is only willing to pay for my Fall and Spring semesters. I need to finish my education to be able to escape from the ignorant environment I am trapped in, and to be able to move out.

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I am really aiming for just twice. On March 31 st, my boyfriend and I were at home studying for my government class I been struggling really bad and my stepdad came home and lied to my mom. I know it sounds a lot to ask for.

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My parents aren't too happy with this but I am. This blog is for interracial dating quotes tumblr people who are in a black women white man relationship like me and my husband and want a place to come and talk about it or just to look you can submit photo's, stories, video's or just for advice and you can ask questions. My stepdad kicked my boyfriend out of the house, and threaten to accuse rape on him.

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These terms are out of pocket. I'm fourteen and well let's cut to the chase, I have a boyfriend.

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So I ask you, or whoever is reading this… any amount would help. My youngest aunt is the worst; she tried to turn my own sister my only family support left against me by telling her that I am a bad influence.