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Jeu de speed dating, это не сайт знакомств!

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The Big Movie devrait suivre assez rapidement. In the eighties, I used to play tabletop role playing games, mostly Dungeons and Dragons. In Speed Dating, each player must use the cards in his hand to design a character, to introduce him or herand to convince another player that he or she is her o or his best match.

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This is not de speed dating. Speed Dating found its publisher during the second playtest, and is the first to hit the shelves. It ought to be on sale in France in late October.

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Party games are a very specific genre. A Day in my life I designed with another pretty redhead, Anja Wrede.

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It has been cutely illustrated by Giulia Ghigini. The Big Movie ought to follow soon, but the three other ones are looking for a publisher. Speed Dating is published only in French so far, but I have strong hopes that it will be adapted soon in other languages.

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More or less half of the cards can probably be simply translated, but the other ones have to be replaced, and this means some time and some work. Il devrait arriver dans les boutiques fin octobre.

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How Bruno Faidutti makes games. Speed Dating is the second game of star speed dating new French publisher, Letheia. In the nineties, I moved to live action RPGs.

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The scenario is always the same, a Speed Dating evening.