Khuntoria couple really dating WGM Khuntoria Couple Episode 64

Khuntoria couple really dating

THis going to be interesting to watch Posted June 1, Beijing Dance Academy Stage Name: Khuntoria are given the mission to throw the first ball in the opening game of the pro baseball season at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

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So Hyun then has to grant Won Joon's wish since she was unable to eat some of the spicy pepper that she prepared. Khuntoria celebrate their 1-year anniversary in a bus and have their first wedding photo shoot.

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I thought i read somewhere that Victoria was gonna be the new addition to Invincible Youth. They then get into a fight about Won Joon's kiss scene in his drama since So Hyun believes that it was requested by Won Joon.

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Khuntoria are given the mission as magazine reporter to introduce Korean food in Worldwide travel-orientated magazine.

The Brave Couple is still enjoying their million dollar match making While they are eating, Jin Pyo talks about Won Joon's aegyo on the couple really dating with his ex-girlfriends, which So Hyun says that she never got any aegyo from him.

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Nichkhun wants to surprise Victoria by cooking Chinese food before her comeback. Oh wow I thought that it was just a rumour haha o.

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So Hyun then attacks Won Joon by saying that he had many more girlfriends than she had boyfriends. However, Victoria surprises him by being quite good at the game. I'm Seohwa shipper now and I'm really looking forward to watching this new couple: Jang Woo tells Eunjung that he will do everything as she wishes on that day.

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The Brave Couple go shopping with the five marriage coupons with an original list in mind, however, once they get there, their list changes and ends up leaning towards all of the items that So Hyun wanted to buy. Brave Couple continues their date at the amusement park, fulfilling the five missions that need to be done.

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Truth or dare with the Adam and Khuntoria Couple! I understand that Nickhun is Thai, what about Victoria? They then go to play water games where Won Joon gets pushed into the water, and then later Jin Pyo.

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