Kim heechul dating sohee Super Junior's Heechul shows his ongoing affection for Sohee

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An idol who you think is prettier than you? He try his best to not letting Sohee fall into the water. Super Junior Leeteuk bagi salam? But I realized it's kind of sad.

Heechul On Sohee, WGM, Quitting Smoking, Nose Surgeries, And Sungmin + Jaejoong

He warned datings sohee who smoke as he said, "Once your gums start changing colors, they don't go back to how they used to be. I haven't changed my mind.

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Or is it not? I think I became more like this since I've met GunHee. Not a good girl but not a bad one.

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But yeah, good for him he quit smoking. She's quiet but definitely not shy. You know, there's a contract period for us.

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Posted by Faa at And Sohee look kinda dissapointed because she choose him. SoheechulSuper JuniorWondergirls. Miyavi actually paid dating sohee to Heechul and once even invited him to his concert. And she's also really sincere too.

I started noticing that my gums started look kind of purple. At that time, I suddenly remembered what I did in the past.

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He jokingly said he would probably be greatly criticized. We wanted to see Heechul's acting. I hang out with Sulli-sii a lot and I always say that " You are really ugly without make-ups! It probably their first official meeting and after that both Sohee and Heechul also guest for Come To Play.

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Is there any programs that you wanted to join during 2 years of public service? Harmony dating website if they all do leave together, I hope they can pull a Shinhwa and still use the SJ name.

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She's just a symbol of an oasis in the life of entertainment. What a radio show! But if they were to be a WGM couple, I'd flip out in happiness: But he suddenly said, " Hyung, don't you remember me? I love that he's still loyal to Sohee. Sohee always acts do demure and Heechul's a shy blabbering mess, lol.

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But she seems enjoying Heechul's humour. He volunteer to be her black knight during the punishment.

KeyEast refutes So Hee and Kim Soo Hyun dating rumors

I told that to both Lee Soo Man sun-saeng-nim and also to her label. We were just gathered and sitting down, when next to me some young guy next to me greeted me saying, "Hyung, annyeong haseyo" so I thought he was just a fan, and greeted him back.

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I wonder if they would really all stay or all leave, because it seems to me that some of them would be more inclined to leave SM while others might want to stay. The doctor told me that because that part was where it broke, if I wanted to return my nose bridge to its original height, I'd have to get fillers or silicone injected. I miss those two interacting on TV.

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P I remember haha the good old days. Discussions from allkpop Forums