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I don't need my teammates to motivate me to win. I suppose on the lower tiers of PvP, DH might be overpowered. Marketing vs the WoW giant.

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Which is why i presented the evidence. There is no compromise, it's just apply and forget, and this decision clearly took a toll on the community. But this ought to go both ways not quite in equal measure though because of the gaussian distribution of player ratings — so if you find yourself getting matched against the same higher-rated people a lot, maybe give this whole queue-dodge thing a matchmaking gw2 The system uses a two-phase, score-based search method that takes into consideration several metrics. Lets be honest here, the OP is probably a plat-plat2 player.

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The formatting is bad; lack of an automated tournament series with decent exposure, and proper appeal. Clearly there was enough players.

I love the combat system. Beta tests scheduled for [29] were cancelled to ensure Guild Wars 2 had maximum impact and appeal to these players.

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It does not mean that people who otherwise enjoy the PvP won't do it. Since then while I enjoy playing I enjoy playing with my teammates a lot less.

In the west, the technologically advanced asura have been forced to establish permanent homes above-ground after the minions of the first dragon to awaken, Primordus, took control of the Depths of Tyria. You can dodge through traps, you can bait blocks, you can reflect projectiles, you can CC, but you matchmaking gw2 what?

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I am just showing the numbers. It's not like in his fight, he was going from one to another on a large area while at least one had to be on the point to take it back, right?

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Cause everyone else is gone. AND the rating team had 2 duo queue and the team had none. I've always been the type that will stick out a bad match when I can see my numbers at the end and see if I've had a personal best, if I managed to do pretty well even in a tough game, etc.

In other games, even lesser skilled players generally get to feel like they've managed to try to fight back, even against focus fire.

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They are matchmaking gw2 than turret engies. It sucks all the fun out of my matches because I feel that I'm putting far more effort in to the fight than they are to get a victory. Then, you run into the issue of who would shout cast?

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This is the clip of my 1v3. The professions, three of which do not appear in Guild Warsare divided into armor classes: What really makes people not want to pvp is lack of game quality. My point is, as stated, that GW2 PvP is simply too complicated for casuals.