Matchmaking kv 5 Weak points of KV-5

Matchmaking kv 5

In random battles it works in thresholds, either your tank is fast enough for duty X or too slow duty Y. Gift Certificates

The simple truth is that the difference between a tier 8 tank no matter how good and a tier 10 tank is enormous. The KV-5 can hold 60 shells, which is a large enough capacity so you don't have to worry about running out of ammunition even with many speculative or snap shots. Is it the KV-5 fault?

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The fast reload is also something that most players fail to take in account when fighting a Russian heavy. Due to the weak armor penetration of the mm ZIS-6M, it is advised to know the weak spots of the enemy tanks you are facing Lower plate and cupola are usually the most reliable and easy to hit weak spots.

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Obviously Vertical Stabilizer would be a loss but all things considered a very cheap one. The KV-5 has preferential matchmaking to only see up to tier 9 tanks. It doesn't require any angling or advanced concepts but it just retardbounces lots of stuff, hits stuff without the driver understanding the aiming mechanics and generally penetrates its targets.

I also got plenty of assist damage per game.

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And while KV-5 was a somewhat minor annoyance at least you could run away from iteverybody remembers the T hordes. If you have other tanks with a deep ammo capacity and at least a moderately big gun likeMaus or E you should check them out as well.

That way rookie are stuf with rookie and good ,veteran play are playing together!!!

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With most tanks you need to be afraid of IS You also need to use APCR aggressively because Wargaming has "made armor more relevant" by effectively nerfing the [edited] out of standard shells.

Huge fan of tanks and World War II matchmaking kv 5.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. Dating a swiss german man 10 Posted 27 March - If you look at it on the paper, it's a slow tier 8 super heavy with weak turret and a gun shared by a decent tier 6 heavy.

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Its high rate of matchmaking kv 5 and fairly quick aim time can make the KV-5 a stark contrast to other KV-series tanks that players encounter. Even then while KV-5 is a popular target for the arties to shoot at, it has thick all-around armor and it's surprisingly mobile which makes it at least somewhat resistant to artillery fire.

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But it's also a piece of archived history. Community Forum Software by IP.

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Cover your vulnerabilities, especially the two small turrets on the front of your hull, and also the commander's cupola. They are actually linked very closely.

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