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This became public in December ofless than a month after the divorce was final. Their names are KJ and Kenzo.

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Which basketball wife or girlfriend is the hottest? Although their relationship has been kept very secret, the two have reportedly been dating since It was kind of obvious they were an item when pictures surfaced of her in body paint of Blair's Spurs uniform. The usually reserved Duncan wasted no time pairing with Macias a San Antonio sports reporter and former reality TV contestant.

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She also hosted several programs. Many celebrity gossip and fashion outlets have called their wedding one of the most lavishing and classy of all time. The two were first spotted on a date in Los Angeles and then their relationship went public and was verified by their dual appearance in GQ together in February of Shortly after being traded from the Raptors to the Knicks, it was discovered that Bargnani was dating Ayoub, a Lebanese-Colombian model. You may not have heard of the NBA player, who has been a member of eight NBA teams and two international teams, but his attractive wife, Malaysia, is player dating models noting.

Whether they're married to the former stars of the National Basketball Association, dating a professional basketball players, or were formerly involved with one of the best NBA players ofeach player dating models be forever connected to the pro basketball world by association. Oh, and she's an actress who has appeared in a lot of movies that we can't pronounce. Vote below for your favorite NBA wife or girlfriend below!

The Hottest Basketball Wives and Girlfriends

Either way, the story is enticing without the pregnancies and strippers because he's an NBA player dating the daughter of a coach for another team. Ok, so he's not a current player, but Fox's girlfriend is worth noting because of her attractiveness. Interestingly, not all of the NBA husbands are what you'd call lookers with many of the speed dating new forest listed here also on the list of the ugliest athletes of all time.

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Their relationship has been somewhat rocky after marrying in April of as Kobe was accused of sexual assault in Unfortunately, this came a little too late for our first round of coverage about the couple. Since nothing is official yet and she's smoking hotshe still makes the list.

NBA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

She's a former Dream Cheers dancer who spent time practicing gymnastics as a child and has a P. He then began dating Prieto, a Cuban model, inthey married in April of and have a newborn son together. Samara Felippo Leandro Barbosa.

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You now have verifiable proof that Tim Hardaway Jr. She described choosing her battles with her kids because one of them wears a capeā€¦. Axelle Francine Tony Parker.

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The disgruntled Houston center is looking to play elsewhere since the Rockets brought in Dwight Howard, so the couple may be moving in the summer of Although she's nine years younger, Castro has been with the Spanish star since Thompson is lucky to come from an NBA pedigree.

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