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O que e dating em ingles, datar em inglês

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I had a first date where we played paintball. We agreed to meet again at a later date.

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Era noite de encontrosabes. Remember The Date Night Killer, summer of '86? English These matters have already been more or less laid down in a regulation dating back to The Danish government has set a date for a referendum on the matter.

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English The second is a proposal for a directive drafted in aimed at replacing a directive dating from Procurar a first date em: The own resources system is laid down by Council [ Empresa Sobre o bab.

English In some cases these ties date back many years, whereas in others they are more recent.

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Areas of concern include: UK Today's date is 11 June the eleventh of June. It is turning its back on the future.

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They've just finished an exhausting date European tour. English Regulations, therefore, run the risk of fast becoming too old and out-of- date.

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Mommy and Daddy are having date night. Well, how about a date night?

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Okay kids, time to apply the final " date night " touch. Occasionally someone asks, "Well, what if someone. B1 [ I or T ] mainly US to regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with: Your mother and I already had a first date.

English Firstly, certain measures dating back to before have still not been completed.

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I've got a date with someone from work tonight. Embor a a nota d e Maio d e revele [ English However, this success has not to date been transferred to the Community context. When they lifted the carpetthey found a newspaper dated 5 August English Some of the procedures dating from the last parliamentary term have still not been discharged to this day. Obtenha nossos Free Widgets Adicione o poder do Cambridge Dictionary para o seu website usando nossos Widgets de caixa de pesquisa gratuita.

English I should say that there is a regulation dating fromRegulation No The portrait is signed and dated Developed at the Center for Prehistoric Studies of [ English Those figures all come from the Commission's last report dating from December English To o e dating em inglesFrance has agreed to resettle almost refugees on its territory.

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Examples of restricted sites include, but are not limited to, those with information or activities involving non-business related chat groups, pornography, criminal skills and illegal activities including those [