Online dating asking for last name Asking for a guy's full name on a first date?

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Click here to review them. Jackie Pilossoph Pioneer Press. What kind of a question is that? When a girl asks for my last name, I just tell her to look at my instagram dating asking for last name instead.

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Anonymous August 29, at 5: I've always given my surname to guys if they ask me to put down my number, if I felt unsafe dating asking for last name so, I wouldn't have talked to them or given them my number in the first place. I have wondered half-jokingly about checking driver's licenses because in my dating pool late 40s early 50s I've noticed men will lie 20 years about their age. I think full name is fine, but asking for the date of birth along with it seems odd. So why not give it up?

If I've been on dates with someone and didn't know it yet, at that point, I don't think it would be at all odd to say, "hey, I just realized that I don't know your last name. Andrew August 27, at 8: The way I see it, a background check never guarantees your safety I'll text you the address tomorrow" girl: I would do this for two reasons: A lot of people will take the bait and tell you what their last name means, if they don't, just straight up ask if theirs means anything.

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Ensam True Player Posts: I agree with FruitFly Frankly, I find it ridiculous to ask a stranger for their last name, unless you've met through a social circle that are a part of.

Some girl asked for my plate number yesterday. What do you guys think? Well that's odd indeed.

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Prior to the date, I think anything else is over the top. Even if she hadn't, though, we emailed back and forth for a few days before meeting during which time she was able to find out my address, but only because it turned out we lived next door to each other.

I pulled my state criminal history and found out that this other person and I were intertwined criminally.

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DOB is just too personal because it can be used to commit fraud. BUT if someone were to google my name or use a website like truthfinder or what have you I look like a 2-time prison visitor.

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I think the way to avoid creeping people out is to display the reasonable level of suspicion you would have about any man don't be alone until you know him, don't go to his house or invite him to yours until you're comfortable, tell a friend where you are, google him when you can, drop at the first sign of red flags instead of the level of suspicion you seem to have about online dating in particular that it's fraught with catfishers and criminals.

Not everyone is going to be okay with that swapping bodily fluids, sure! I honestly don't recall. Using a police computor without a crime isn't legal though.

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Your full name is like your phone number Just like you don't know him yet. If all their info checks out at that level, I'd generally be fine with meeting in a public place. Maybe they are underemployed and would prefer to talk about that after they've gotten to know you more.

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No need to be offended when a guy is "put off" by your request. Psychos can be men or women. You look so young! Listed below are some behaviors that most of us typically overlook but are actually red flags. I want to be open, but not if it means being open to fanaticism or dangerous ideas.

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