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However, the following rules will be enforced strictly: In love with a man who has schizophrenia. I'm much more cagey about my schizophrenia than this person. And I wonder what a "mild" version of schizophrenia looks like; the only people I've ever known with the disorder were delusional and often bizarre in their thought processes. Your username is how other community members will see you.

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My partner wants me to get back to work as well. Speaking from personal experience with my own ex; you can't expect to always be able to make sense of paranoid schizophrenia dating she's thinking, you're no psychiatrist.

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If you begin dating a patient of schizophrenia, there are bound to times when you feel you do not know the person you are with. You have a point I struggle with the last one and I secretly try to commit suicide.

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It does not follow subreddit rules and is not moderated by this subreddit, nor is it integrated in the discussions here. It's a negotiation thing--you meet him half way and he has to work to meet you half way. I also notice though that my speech has slowed slightly over time but I think this is because I am paranoid schizophrenia dating trying to make what I say make sense Most other days I am a ruin by the time i get home curling up in the shower.

Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. I've helped her with a few things before like that, I think I know what to do. Things can go very well.

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Me and this girl have been friends for awhile, and after not having talked in a while, me and her had a conversation the other day. As such, we may be more careful with discussing our feelings. Statistics show long-term relationships for people with schizophrenia not lasting. I hope that you don't end up as a caretaker on a regular basis.

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This is not a place for people with shared delusions to reinforce them. Explain to him that you do see yourself with him long term tell him this only if it is truebut that's only if the paranoia and other feelings can be worked on.

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I am working full-time as a business analyst and I am going to apply to graduate school soon. Posters with no history on this sub or apparent interest in this community paranoid schizophrenia dating be held to a higher standard, that includes people reposting for "karma"! It is not unreasonable for him to have a career.

It is common for partners of those suffering from serious mental disorders to become co-dependent and sink into depression or an unhealthy relationship. Not that things don't go wrong with so-called 'normal' couples ye gawds, I hate that termbut it seems that the chances of it would be so much higher with a couple like my son and his girlfriend. Maybe in a few weeks she'll realize that she has enough time for school and you.

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I experienced sexual side effects for the first few months of being on my current dosage and they finally are subsiding. If he plays video games, one way to tell that he's well enough to do some work is whether he is able to play the games or not, or at least that's the case for me. It is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Thank you to everyone for replying! Maybe she's experiencing anxiety over the thought of the relationship; she might be worried about what you think about her after she opened up to you.

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The exception is that you may have to pick up a little slack. Right now I'm maxed out on Latuda, so I'm hoping that I don't need a tweak of medication for a long time.

Self medicating is a very bad idea.