Police officers dating felons Cop Fired For Dating Man With Criminal Record Three Years Ago

Police officers dating felons, a felon dating a cop

The great razor-wire divide is not as definite a line as some would like to think, not by any means. The little 8yr girl told the counselor she sore between her legs and he gave my mother money.

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Avvo requires JavaScript to function. Or just live together and don't get married. Email me when this thread is updated. See more Civil Rights lawyers.

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Why take the risk being that you've put all this work into getting a degree. There is a huge liklihood that your marrying a felon police officers dating felons cause you to not make it through the hiring process.

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Are you so shallow to think that everyone falls under the typical A felon dating a cop. The " people for every one job" thing may be true of police work, but not for COs, at police officers dating felons not where I am! Felons are not allowed to live in a home where there are weapons and as a police officer you would have a weapon.

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It's just up to the person to make a go at it. Thanks Niteowl, I appreciate the input, I hope your right. Removal Deportation and Reentry: Most departments though will have policies restricting or prohibiting their officers from associating with known felons. Thank you so much for the positive reinforcement and also to the post that stated the gun thing, I know, that bothers me too.

Was this officer fired because the parolee was currently involved with gangs, or do you mean hanging around anybody who had a record in the past?

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But, Ive heard good things about working there if you can get in. You can understand what the haters might say about this statement. Keeping it a secret isn't going to work out in her favor when it's eventually discovered. I know that for a fact!

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Been hearing rumors of cops being really dirty and the dirt should be exposed. Don't let it discourage you. Are police officers allowed to marry convicted felons? They will see it as being an extremely sticky situation, and will choose another applicant. I'm telling you, if you marry him beforehand you're out of a job.

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I did four years in college. They would also question you intensively in the interview process about the relationship.

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Who would want to date a felon in the first place? Happy to be here proud to serve "Well it appears this lock does not accept american express. If so, maybe a locked safe in the house might qualify as him not being in possession.

At least in the agency I work for, and those that I am familiar with you have to have a open case file to run a crim history, however you can be checked against in house files.