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Quinn and santana hook up

Pinky says — reply to this.

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Why do people like Grey's Anatomy so much? When Santana performs 4 Minutes with the Cheerios, Quinn is seen watching happily.

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After Josh Coleman sophomore rugby captain calls Santana out to "make her normal," Quinn comes to her defense by saying that being gay isn't a choice. I really like Ryder.

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Daniela says — reply to this. Quinntana is the best new thing on glee right now. Santana is forced out of the closet, and Quinn seems very supportive of her. Watch this video in full HERE: Santana is surprised by Quinn's move.

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Quinn FabGAY — agreed! She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! When the members of the squad afterwards discuss doing it, Quinn is clearly on Santana's side.

If they had actually made out, though……. I really appreciated the handful of Battlestar references and also the mental image of Santana and Starbuck fucking.

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When Jacob focuses the camera on Santana's boobs, Quinn tries to push it back up. I Do Quinn and Santana enter the wedding together and sit by each other at the and hook up.


Even the really good parts of the episode e. For having a regular body and not the really thin body you usually see on tv. Wistful while confessing never dancing with a girl before? Can they make it work? Will she survive all that is coming her way? Quinn mentions Santana to Sam, saying "I need to find a way to get Santana off my heels! Like the first scripted inter-racial kiss with Kirk and Uhura in We all know what happened when Ellen came out.

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I don't ship Faberry because I can't stand Rachel. Watch that shit ASAP! Quinn and Santana just make sense.

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The Music, The Christmas Album. That was the best comment ever!

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Shue pops in to grace the room with his gummy smile and tasteful cardigan and to not help his wife feel one iota better about a goddamn thing. What season and episode did this happen.? Follow her on twitter and instagram.

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Are you following us on Facebook? Later, Quinn makes an announcement that she and Puck are together. I would probably just be dead.