Spanish guy dating a white girl I Wanted To Marry A Latino, Fell For A White Guy

Spanish guy dating a white girl

I'm hispanic and behave VERY differently from the stereotypes.

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We have been to PR spanish guy dating a white girl times which myself and kids love and we also make sure we attend yearly Hungarian functions. I'm sure the land you're living in wasn't originally yours, correct? Blonde women are angels to look at however you better have a great credit score to win with me.

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They get old fast. Last edited by negrologySep 14, I didn't think it was "rare" at all. One major difference that you should be grateful about is that Spanish isn't replacing English, and Latinos are slowly assimilating to your culture, isn't that good enough?

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Hello Anon, if a Hispanic has colored eyes its because of their white blood in them. Maybe you should stop sloving too much from where he or she is I can't count how many times a white woman has given me a dirty look when I'm with my boyfriend. I am a white woman married to a Puerto Rican man.

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You are an dummy!!!! They treat you like royalty and honestly know how to love. I dated many many Caucasian females and enjoyed every single moment.

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Maybe one day I will find a nice blonde to have a good relationship with. Plus I find them really attractive. It's a bit funny because i normally imagine the average appearance of a hispanic after myself self centered i know, but you can't blame me for that even though it's not the case.

She said it's attributed to being Latino.

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Hi Linda, I just want to thank you. Search titles only Posted by Member: I dont choose to whom Im attracted to. That is why so many people end up miss matched.

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TexasPhantomSep 14, You may not realize it, but most of these hispanics who live in the US have something more in common with you than they do with their mother nation: Love has no boundaries if someone loves someone thats fine. Attraction is only step one in dating someone.

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They werent even attractive ugly is ugly colorless. The older ones don't know enough to leave littlte High School girls alone.

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