Squier dating serial numbers Korean Fender Serial Numbers

Squier dating serial numbers

But an incomplete registrations and illogical serial numbers is its history often unclear.

GEAR questions and topics that do not fit elsewhere i. In the Z was added for the numbers. Fender began producing Korean guitars inbut they didn't keep digital records of any guitar serial numbers before mid Here is the S first introduced as a prefix to the serial numbers.

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The Classifieds are not for business users or commercial sales unless you are a paid sponsor. Usually, the production date is stamped or written is on the heel of the neck. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Do you already have an account?

1988 - 1993 Korean Squier Fender Serial Numbers

DZ1DZ2 etc. It does stand for the year of production in a way. The E stands for the decade of the eighties, and was introduced in Capo the first fret!

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Just like many other companies in the late s, Fender decided to start manufacturing products in Korea. They used a "1" because it was the first year of production.

Made for the export market and have 'Made in USA' stamped on the heel of the neck.

How Old is My Korean Fender Guitar?

The changeover to the new owners can not deduce the serial numbers, because they continued the numbering at the same way. Gibson decoder Martin decoder. The 'Pup' Tent Got a question about what Fender or non-Fender pickups are best for your guitar and style of music and playing?

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Allroy, you just solved a problem I have had more to times then I can count. Inthey reused an "E1" dating serial numbers number. Please post your pickups questions in The 'Pup' Tent.

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Acoustic Repair Articles recent articles. Questions and comments about gear and playing technique belong in the other forums.


The first number on the "E" serial numbers is a little confusing. Also here some overlap of numbers, prefixes and year. The Young Chang and Sung-Eum guitars used a serial number starting with an "E" followed by six digits. This is similar to the American Fender serial numbers. Both the Cort and Sungham plants used unique numbers. AllroyPAApr 14,