Strange dating apps 9 Weird Dating Apps To Try Because What Do You Have To Lose?

Strange dating apps

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Tindog lets your dog meet others in the area. Or something equally delicious. Pronounced "thrinder," 3nder is a Facebook-authenticated dating app that's more open-minded than the average dating app.

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Love Flutter What matters more: Tired of going on dates with short people? Feeldor formally known as 3nder, is Tinder but for threesomes. There is also a strange dating apps app for Juggalos, for Furries, and for several more strange interests that I don't want to give away because I need you to read this article.

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So what you do is this: Or a partner who is from a great family. Are you the obnoxious strange dating apps Eliminate a modicum of awkwardness from your dating encounters.

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Also with the app, you can offer to buy this Torontonian a chocolate dipped muffin. To be honest, I would be weirded out by people who like animal flesh so much that they needed to download an app to match with other people who also love burnt animal flesh. Heavenly Sinful claims to fix all of these dating woes.

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Your favorites show up at the bottom of your profile so that when you're shopping for a date, you can bond over your preferred brands. Brainjet is devoted to providing you with all of the craziest, most eye-opening, and overall most interesting information out there.

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Do you want to date someone who has a beard? But SaladMatch is an app that was created by the salad chain Just Salad to help people match up and have lunch with potential suiters on their lunch break.

2. Farmers Only

They asked for it. This is not a joke, people. Do you want to be? What kind of arrangement are we talking about here?

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With this app, you can crowdsource advice from Facebook friends and strangers to help you conquer those first date jitters. You meet up with someone and it turns out they want a one night stand.

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Like how old they are. Tall Friends finds other tall people for you to date. Their website says, "Whether you are just looking for like-minded friends, someone fun to attend a Sci Fi convention with, or maybe something more, Trek Passions is here for you. A Prada lover and a Cartier fan can never be long term, let's face it. Let me tell ya, I've dated a few clowns in my lifetime without going on this app at all! Please try one if you are brave.

1. Bristlr

Gamers and geeks can find their soulmate on Soul Geek and nerd out getting to know each other. Not much to say here. Sometimes, those animals happen to be having sex with one another, but at the end of the day, they are just people like us looking for love.

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