Teacher dating students parent 10 Things a Teacher Should Never Do

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That means that the employer would have to put forward the basis for the termination and give the teacher the chance to refute that basis. Be in the know! I'm a very cautious person so I would just advise you to look at all the possibilities. I drive by that intersection every day and I haven't noticed teachers dating students parent in the lot for several months now.

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That way you will not feel any emotional ties to your student other than in the classroom. If things don't work out, you don't want to end on a bad note.

I'm really tired of being alone. If you are cautious, the other kids my never even get to know about it and then so long as your son is happy, there wouldn't be an issue that I can see.

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Great service that lives up to its promises! If they decide to terminate her for the issue, that means that they have heard something and hearing can constitute proof.

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School in a lower grade, especially is a childs own little world where they get to go and be on their own.

So, if they really want to fire the teacher, they can.

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Find all posts by oldscratch. But I'd feel sorry for the kid if everyone knows unless the teacher is a very popular one! Should we as a group of teachers vote him "in" or "out"? Hey, wait, I thought the first date was gonna be on her desk Join Date Jul Posts I am talking about a personal life being taken into a public school and affecting the students education.

Credentials confirmed by a Fortune verification firm. I do have children attending a public school.

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Pacific Grove, Calif Posts: Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. Chat home Drop-In Clinic Is it normal? I dont see an ethical issue with it. Did it become an issue netween the ex's?

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I'm sure you'll do fine!! However the school year is almost over and I am contemplating making my move I think you need to mind your own business. It is a public school. I agree with Sharon. View Singles Near You.

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It doesn't matter one jot if you have a massive crush. Interesting question and not something I've even considered let alone been exposed to. First, he is a man, and then he is a teacher dating students parent.

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I don't actually see a problem even if the child were in the teacher's class. Consider whether or not there is a school policy which discourages employees from dating their students' parents. Lets just say divorced parent hits on teacher.

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