Who is ella dating on pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars': Ella dating, making out with Byron?

Who is ella dating on pretty little liars

Father of the Year has the interesting idea of asking his daughter to get a license online, even though his son has never forgiven him for his infidelity.

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After the play, Mrs. Nonetheless, Ashley thinks they owe it to themselves and their daughters to get some answers.

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Ella gives Emily a makeup exam which Emily chinese speed dating sydney unable to finish. Ian mistakenly enters the room and the girls all comment about how creepy he is.

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They send her back upstairs to her room. Alison had torn into her too, suggesting that she was anything but chaste with Noel and provocatively suggested that she had gotten a boob job.

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She explains that she has come to see Ezra, and Simone can whom is ella dating on pretty little liars that Aria might not want her there. Ella, Byron and Aria are out having breakfast. Ella hands Aria the letter then goes upstairs.

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The next day after hanging out with Hanna and Spencer there worried about Emily's whereabouts. Eventually, he comes to his senses, realizing other students may be picking up on the weirdness.

Aria is assigned to the same booth Ezra is working.

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Hastings suggestion to separate the girls and get them a therapist, and Ella agrees, but defends their decision as feeling like the right thing at the time. Jackie sneaks up behind her and snatches the letter out of her hand reminding Aria about the deal they made.

Sullivan, and they discover Mona survived the fall.

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Ella replies that she had gone to see an exhibit opening at the Philadelphia Museum. Zack wonders if Ella is shaming him, to which Ella tells him he has no shame, and as Zack is commenting that she is shaming him, he leans down to kiss her.

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Hanna tells her to occupy Sean while she heads off on an important errand. She initially tells Aria to keep it a secret from Byron, but after Aria reminds her parents how badly secrets threatened their family's dynamic once before, they open up. He agrees the writing on the window was probably nothing.

Aria also sees Alison in this episode, who tells her that she was desperate for money which is why she blackmailed Aria's dad.

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Aria is visibly hurt by Alison's betrayal, but Alison claims that she never called her mom and is very cryptic about whether her dad killed her or not. Apparently, she and Ezra have the same taste in movies because Aria and her mom run into him at the movie theater and spend an awkward afternoon together.

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Ezra feels a little awkward, but reciprocates somewhat when Aria tries to touch him. Instead, a messenger boy with a sack of cash arrives in his place, and Officer Garrett corners him.