Who is ezra fitz dating in real life All the Beauties Ian Harding Has “Dated” (including Lucy Hale, Obvs)

Who is ezra fitz dating in real life

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He gets closer and asks again. Aria goes to his cabin and finds his camera equipment and runs into Ezra. A Kiss Before Lying. Aria says they already have and walks out holding back tears.

A little later, while Aria leaves her two suitors together downstairs, Jason makes small talk with Ezra, asking if he had Aria Compared to Byron, she may seem that way, but the only person she cares about is Aria. Disheartened, Aria leaves him standing in her bedroom, speechless. Flipping the page over, Ezra reads the signature, "Bethany", and when Aria questions how many Bethany's he knows, he tells her just one, "and she was buried in Mrs DiLaurentis' backyard".

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As the clock strikes midnight, Ezra leans downs to kiss Aria, before kneeling on the floor and wrapping her in a hug. Smiling, Ezra says he just turned in his resignation because "Hollis offered me the job.

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Taking This One to the Grave. A Some days later, Aria talks on the phone with Ezra, discussing his interview for the job in New Orleans tomorrow.

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Going through the security camera footage, Aria hands him a bottle of water and asks if he's seen anything, and he tells her, "just you arriving at my door". Crash and Burn, Girl!

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The driver opens the door for Aria allowing her to get close to Ezra in the backseat. How the 'A' Stole Christmas. He feels that it would be nice to extend a hand to his teaching colleague who is still learning the ropes of Hollis.

Later Ali runs away before she can meet Ezra face to face while she has finally made contact with the liars who know she's alive.

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Ezra says she is entitled to be with whoever she wants to be with, but he is clearly not thrilled seeing her with someone else. He regrets not being able to take her on real dates in public and is afraid he's asking too much of her.

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Aria assures Ezra that Jason is not a threat in that way, but Ezra still does not like the situation for a different whom is ezra fitz dating in real life. She tells him she is, and he tells her she needs to let go. Later, at his apartment, Aria visits again and reveals she got the boarding school idea negated to which Ezra questions how. Aria wanted to protect Ezra and Malcolm. When Aria questions him why, Ezra explains that he doesn't think he was to far off with his Mrs D theory, "Mrs D was on the board at Radley Sanitarium. He tries to tell her he was trying to do the right thing, but she won't have it.

Aria then confesses what really happened in New York.

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Aria says she is just happy and wants to share the feeling. She tells him that she knows it's over, but she can't stand the idea of him hating her. Bethany was buried in her yard, in the same spot where Ali was buried".

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Ezra has a hard time believing the protagonist would leave his wife at the altar to follow a woman he doesn't even know. Ezra, in a robe, just out of the shower, sits beside her and listens.

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