Who is maddy from home and away dating Home and Away viewers bewildered after character's amputated arm 'switches from left to right'

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Maddy and Spencer run away, but struggle out in the bush. Shortly after she is released from the hospital, Maddy's mother, Tanya, comes to see her.

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When she asks if she can do anything for him, he kisses her, and the two end up sleeping together. A few weeks when Roo left Summer Bay to go to Las Vegas to see her aunt, Colleen, Maddy behaves badly at Alf but tells Josh she did it because she misses Roo and behaves badly so that Alf can call Roo to come back home.

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Roo and Harvey agreed to let Spencer and Maddy stay at the caravan park and the pair enrolled at Summer Bay High, with Sasha being assigned to show them around, while Spencer began helping Harvey out on the Blaxland. Speaking of a possible return to Summer Bay, she said: He and Maddy spent an evening watching horror movies together, after which he asked her to get back with him. Oscar was found and Maddy apologises to Oscar for upsetting him.


Josh later overheard him and Maddy discussing the kiss. When Maddy steals money from the gym, the diner and Roo's credit card for new clothes, Roo was furious at Maddy for lying to her. However, she was touched when they surprised her at a chemo session with a study date. Maddy was told by Roo on the phone that Alf is in the hospital, and she and Matt go together.

Since Mangrove River High burnt down around the time they stayed there, Maddy and Josh found themselves under suspicion. She tried to defend him when Jade Montgomery bullied him in class and talk him out of leaving school but became frustrated by his refusal to stand up to Andy. Home and Away star Kassandra Clementi pictured has confirmed she's waving goodbye to Summer Bay after four years - and reveals she's making a bid for Hollywood stardom.


When Chris got together with Indi again, Spencer told him he had to find somewhere else to live. Millions of leaked secret corporate files that raise serious questions about the tax I'm A Celebrity contestants I'm a Celebrity Maddy arrived at the caravan park with Spencer, claiming they were speed dating cancun brother and sister who were working their way around the country.

She asked Alf if Josh could stay at the house when Andy wanted the caravan for himself but Alf insisted he stay on the couch. Roo gave them a meal and a caravan to stay in after it became clear Maddy was ill.

Olivia Newton-John's missing lover 'found in Mexico' whom is from home and away dating than 12 years after he disappeared Maddy also helped Matt when a sex-tape video of Matt and Charlotte was posted on the Internet. Maddy became a victim of cyberbullying and Matt tries to help. After the shooting, the suspect sped away in a car and died as he was cornered by police. After he was discharged, he went to stay at her place for a while.

Oscar went missing and was found. She comforted Casey when he again missed out on a chance to get back with Tamara, prompting Sasha and Spencer to try and warn her off. Although they tried to get past the resulting awkwardness, Maddy felt they only loved each other as friends and decided to end the relationship. They decided to become friends when Maddy sees Josh doesn't love her anymore.

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However, when she looked for excuses to not spend time with him, he soon realised she was only doing it to cheer him up and ended things again. She checked and asked him if he still have any headaches or blood visions. How the Queen's millions are 'invested offshore' as tax havens 'used by Bono, Trump's cabinet and He agreed and she told Roo their plans.

He took an interest in Evelyn and asked Oscar if she was single.