Wot matchmaking winrate Thoughts on Matchmaking and Win Rate

Wot matchmaking winrate

All this MM thing is designed not so much to make you lose or win who cares but to keep you in certain state of wot matchmaking winrate where you will start to make bad decisions, get frustrated and finally spend cash. Specially when their team has elite top tier platoon and out top tier players are actually orange and red.

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Mm tries to level the playing field the rest is up to you. Did you played the same tanks during both bracket of 50? Be quick with pausing this one at 0: There is nothing you can do about MM, other then improving your game play and Perform.

And that is sure to lose battle. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. Play every game to win it. This game could never allow teams to develop ad hoc and carry over from one game to the next the way a game like Halo 3 did, because it would essentially thwart the orchestrated chaos which is vital to Wargaming's business model.

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Quality control problems at the fennel powder factory? I stay alive to last moment just to get killed by 6 of them. Wargaming is getting into the chip business, so they farm potato's There has been correspondence from Wargaming that states that the above is in place in WoT PC can be found online too.

Then I have started to do screen shots of everything with low win chances. He dies soon and despite of better skills, he doesnt have enough time to influence battles enough. OldManEmu, on 13 February - I'd like to know. In fact, I wot matchmaking winrate lost most of my battles since.

Do you realize that you've just ruined lives of so many players? Panserbjorne39, on 09 November - Lol - thanks for the compliments - much appreciated. If your team is crap, the other team good, MM is against you, and it's raining in Iceland, then you are gonna lose. But apparently I am asking too much of people when I say this. EemeIi 6 Posted 16 May - I stream inconsistently and often with beer: Obviously, I wouldn't condone doing that but I have to wonder if they would pay more attention to AFK players if there was a mass AFK strike to create awareness.

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